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John Prescott visits Wimbledon

Posted in Uncategorized by sallyoldcow on July 7, 2010

All this bloody brow, brouh, brouh…., pavlova ’bout t’Wimbledon. Pauline wanted t’go so I forced meself.  Does thou know what AELTCC stands fer. All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Fancy that. Ay, croquet. Not many people know that. I’m partial to a game of croquet. There’s a Museum an all. Went round it; bloody boring to be honest. The Gift Shop was an eyeopener I can tell you; Tee shirts for eighty five pounds. I’ll say it again, eighty five pounds. Even if they were made by Lauren Bacall I wasn’t paying eighty five bloody pounds. I did see a poster I liked though. £4.99. Bloody bargain. Fit looking lass. I get a sense of dej, dej…., I’ve seen her before somewhere. Anyway I got it framed and it goes a treat in the hall.


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