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Review: Apple MacBook Pro 15″

Posted in Uncategorized by sallyoldcow on June 25, 2010

I bought a MacBook Pro 15″. Its my first Mac and I enjoyed the Apple Store and opening the slim white box when I got home. I didn’t enjoy the cost very much but I needed a Mac so “needs must”.

I can’t complain about the performance, the OS and the installed applications but I have started to wonder what all the hype is about (King’s new Clothes ?).

I like:

The magnetic power supply connector; pure genius.

The touchpad; I like the scrolling and zooming.

The keyboard; illuminated and a nice action/feel.

I dislike:

Opening the lid; my nails catch in the opening provided (designed by a nail biter ?).

Only 2 USB ports and they are very close together meaning I cannot plug in the majority of my USB sticks when the other port is occupied by e.g. iPhone USB cable or mouse (HP do a nice slim stick that fits).

The touch pad; the amount of pressure required to “click” seems unduly high and it is not a nice “click” (in fact it is bloody annoying, especially for anybody else in the same room). Fortunately a Microsoft 3 Button Scroll Mouse is “Plug and Play”

The edges of the main body; they are very sharp.

The keyboard position; I can see that the large area either side of the touch pad makes for a good palm rest, but it seems the designers don’t wear watches and if they wear bracelets they are made of either rubber or string otherwise the surface will get scratched, as well as being uncomfortable for the user. Again there is the sharp edge of the body to consider.

The keyboard: no # (alt 3), @ and ” are in the wrong places

The “Kensington”/security cable slot; its in the middle of the RHS, not at the rear and consequently you can either run the security cable from the rear and obscure the disc drive or run it from the front and it gets in the way of your arm.

Anyway, to complement my MacBook I am going to get myself a glass desk with glass legs, a set of invisible cables and then live the dream.

An alternative if you do not need to use the iPhone Developer Kit: buy a £600 laptop of your choice, install Ubuntu and have a week’s holiday somewhere nice with the difference in the price.