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Posted in Uncategorized by sallyoldcow on May 11, 2010

OK, I should be relieved that Brown has gone, and Campbell, Balls, Cooper, Harman, Mandelson, Los Milibandes, and quietly pleased that the tribe is wailing, but then why do I look at this:

and see this:

or this:

or this:

I’m sure everything will be fine…………..

I was going to “Photoshop” (Gimp in my case) this but realised that if I come home from work, do the housework and don’t turn on my PC then I can be in bed by 11 and wake up refreshed; so I haven’t. I think I did enough damage with this:

I’ll be watching very closely


Active Democracy

Posted in Uncategorized by sallyoldcow on May 8, 2010

Labour Manifesto Video: “We like people with opinions”